Our Products

We carry a wide variety of baked goods made fresh for market day.

Sweet Breads,Croissants,& Danishes

Easting Bakery offers several varieties of croissants, from sweet to savory, along with incredibly cinnamony buns, oatcakes like Momma never made (sorry Mom) and other irresistibles.

Sprouted Spelt

Our Sprouted Spelt loaf takes time to produce but is well worth the wait! Organic spelt berries make up half the dough by weight. The berries (kernels) are sprouted for 3 days before being lightly pulverized and then mixed with spelt sourdough, yeast, sea salt and just enough organic spelt flour to pull things together. Slow baked after rising overnight, the sprouted spelt loaf is nutty tasting with a chewy, moist texture.

Rustic Sourdoughs: Kamut loaves & Seedy-Side Sourdough

After a slow rise overnight, these loaves are the first thing in the oven in the morning and stay crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and are so darn tasty! Excellent for sandwiches or bruschetta, these loaves can be sliced thick or thin.

Montreal-style Bagels

Starting with a recipe from a Montreal bagel factory, our bagels are boiled before baking, giving them that characteristic texture and flavor of Montreal bagels, with our own Nova Scotian twist on excellence.

Wheat-free options

We’ve got organic Spelt & Kamut loaves and bagels for the wheat-free. We also make all our cookies, pies and other desserts with Spelt flour.

Breakfast at the Antigonish Market !

We serve Nova Scotia’s finest fair trade organic coffee from the good folks at the Java Blend (JB) roastery in Halifax, the province’s only 3rd generation roaster.

For breakfast, try our French croissants, or our eggy breakfast panini sandwiches: Chicken-Mango-Mozza, Greek, Veggie-Egger, and Bacon-Egger. We’re working up a few culinary surprises for 2016 so be sure to come try those too: (Knishes, anyone?)